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18.02.20 04:27 PM Comment(s) By HOA board

DUE APRIL 30, 2020:

If anyone of our residents would like to volunteer on the HOA Board - see below. You can find the full by-laws on the Stone Wood Crossing website beneath resources. (website: Bottom of this post will give the email and mail address.


Section 2. Nomination and Candidacy. Candidates for election to the Board of Directors shall selfnominate by submitting a Declaration Letter to the current Board of Directors in accordance with the following:

a) By March 1 of each year, the Board shall provide Members, via physical or electronic media that is reasonably accessible by Members, the appropriate mail and electronic mail addresses for submitting a Declaration Letter.

b) Declaration Letters shall state the Member’s intent to be a candidate and shall include, at a minimum, the candidate’s name, address and contact information.

c) Declaration Letters shall be submitted to the Board via mail or electronic mail.

d) Declaration Letters shall be accepted between March 1 and April 30 of the year the Member intends to be a candidate. Declaration Letters must be received by the Board of Directors by the close of business on April 30. 

e) The Board shall verify that each person who submits a Declaration Letter meets the criteria to be an Eligible Candidate.

f) Each Eligible Candidate who submits a Declaration Letter prior to the Annual Meeting shall be allowed five (5) minutes of floor time at the Annual Meeting to address the Members.


Email to:


Mail to :

Stone Wood Crossing HOA

P.O. Box 3022

Broken Arrow, OK 74013

HOA board

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