Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the annual homeowners association assessment (aka 'HOA Dues')?

The current annual assessment is $200.


Is the annual assessment based on a calendar year?

No.  The annual assessment is based on the HOA's fiscal year, funding operations for the 12 months beginning on May 1 and ending on April 30.   

When is the annual assessment due?

The annual assessment is due on April 1st each year. If not paid by April 31st, a late fee of $2.50 per month will be assessed.  


How are the annual assessments spent?

Annual assessments fund HOA operational costs like lawn care and landscaping for common areas, pond maintenance, utilities, general repairs and administrative costs (PO box, postage, signage, etc.).  They are also used for neighborhood projects approved by the board of directors.  

Where do I send payments?

Please mail your payments to:       Stone Wood Crossing HOA

                                                           PO Box 3122 

                                                           Broken Arrow, OK  74013-3122